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Western Constitution and Bylaws


Connecticut State Universities-American Association of University Professors


Article I. NAME

The name of this organization shall be the Western Connecticut State University Chapter of the Connecticut State Universities American Association of University Professors, hereinafter referred to as the Chapter.


This Chapter shall represent the professional and economic interests of the Western Connecticut State University faculty.  It shall follow and implement the policies and standards adopted by the Connecticut State University American Association of University Professors wherever possible and appropriate.  The Chapter shall provide fair and adequate representation through collective bargaining and grievance procedures to all members of the faculty.


Any member of the Western Connecticut State University faculty bargaining unit shall become a member in the Chapter upon payment of the authorized CSU‑AAUP dues and signing of a membership application.  Only Chapter members shall have the right to vote or hold office except as provided in Article VIII.


Section 1.               OFFICERS

The officers of the Chapter shall be a President, Vice‑President, Secretary‑Treasurer, Contract Manager, Grievance Officer, and CSU‑AAUP Council Members.  All officers must be members of the Chapter.

Section 2.               TERM OF OFFICERS

The term of the officers named in section I shall be two years.  The term of the Council members shall be staggered two‑year terms.

Section 3.              PRESIDENT

The President shall serve as the chief executive officer of the Chapter, assume all administrative responsibility, preside at all meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Committee, with advice of the Executive Committee appoint all committees except the Executive Committee, delegate responsibility, serve on the CSU‑AAUP Council, represent the Chapter in person or through a delegate at state and national AAUP meetings, and perform such duties as prescribed by these bylaws.

Section 4.               VICE‑PRESIDENT

The Vice‑President shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of or at the request of the President.  The Vice‑president shall perform such other functions in the interest of the Chapter as may be assigned by the President.

Section 5.         SECRETARY‑TREASURER

A.                  The Secretary‑Treasurer shall take minutes and maintain records of the business transacted at all meetings of the Chapter and of the Executive Committee, shall distribute copies of the minutes of meetings to the membership, shall keep an accurate membership and bargaining unit roll, and shall issue the call to meetings.

B.                   The Secretary‑Treasurer shall assure that the monies of the Chapter are placed in a bank account established for that purpose, shall expend monies on the authorization of the President, shall make regular financial reports to the Chapter membership and the Executive Committee, shall prepare a financial report for the annual meetings of the Chapter, and shall be prepared for an annual audit.

Section 6.        CONTRACT MANAGER

The Contract manager shall be the designated Chapter member to interpret the Collective Bargaining Agreement to the membership and to represent members and departments in contract matters.  The Contract Manager shall serve on the CSU‑AAUP Council.  The Contract Manager has the right to appoint up to two (2) people to assist in carrying out the responsibilities of the office.

Section 7.               GRIEVANCE OFFICER

The Grievance Officer, upon the request of a bargaining unit grievant, shall counsel, guide, assist, and/or accompany the grievant through the grievance procedure as outlined in the contract.  The Grievance Officer has the right to appoint up to two (2) people to assist in carrying out the responsibilities of this office.


The CSU‑AAUP Council members shall represent this Chapter on the CSU‑AAUP Council, shall report Council proceedings to the membership at each Chapter meeting, and shall report to the Executive Committee at its meetings, The Council members shall bring appropriate Chapter recommendations and decisions to the Council meetings.

Section 9.         REMOVAL OF OFFICERS

Removal of Officers shall be initiated by a majority vote of the Executive Committee or by petition of 20 per cent of the Chapter membership.  Officers may be removed by a two‑third vote of the Chapter membership.

Article V.                COMMITTEES

Section 1.               EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

A.            The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the Vice‑President, the Secretary‑Treasurer, the Contract Manager, the Grievance Officer, and the two Council members.  Other appropriate persons may be invited by the President to attend Executive Committee meetings if they can speak with authority to an item on the agenda.

B.            The Executive Committee shall be empowered to transact business for the membership between meetings of the Chapter except as otherwise provided by these bylaws.

C.            Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called by the President or upon the petition of three members of the Committee.


A.            A Nominations and Elections Committee of three members shall be appointed by the President by March I of each year.  The Committee chair shall be designated by the President.

B.            The Nominations and Elections Committee shall publish a call to the membership for willingness to serve in offices in accordance with the bylaws, prepare and distribute a secret ballot, and have the results of the election in time to have those elected assume office on June 1.

Section 3.               SPECIAL COMMITTEES

A.            The President shall appoint, with the advice of the Executive Committee, special committees as needed to operate the various affairs of the Chapter.

B.             Each special committee shall be given a specific charge by the President and shall be disbanded when the charge has been completed.

Article VI.              CONDUCT OF THE CHAPTER

Section 1.              MEETINGS

A.                  The Chapter shall hold not less than one regular meeting per semester with a minimum of two weeks notice given for each meeting, when possible.

B.                   Special Chapter meetings may be called at the discretion of the President the Executive Committee, or upon the written petition of twelve chapter members.  A minimum of one week’s notice must be given.

C.            The annual meeting shall be held at the end of the Spring semester.

D.            Only Chapter members who meet the requirements of Article III of these bylaws may vote at any regular or special meeting of the Chapter except as provided in Article VIII.

E.                    A quorum shall consist of one‑tenth of the Chapter membership.

F.             The latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall be used to determine questions of parliamentary procedure.

Section 2.               ELECTION OF OFFICERS

A.            Election of all officers shall take place before the annual meeting in even‑numbered years except one Council member shall be elected in odd‑numbered years.

B.            When only one person is willing to serve in an office, the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee shall declare that person elected to that office.  In those instances when no more than two persons are on the ballot for a particular office, the one who obtains a majority of the votes cast shall be declared the winner.  When three or more persons arc on the ballot for an office, if no one obtains a majority of the votes cast, the two with the highest plurality votes will be in a run‑off election in order to obtain a majority vote for that office.

C.             Special elections shall be held within one month if an office is vacated for any reason.


The Contract Manager and any other members designated by the President shall serve on the Collective Bargaining Team.


Ratification of Collective Bargaining Agreements shall be by secret ballot and shall require the approval of a majority of those voting.  All members of the unit are eligible to vote on this issue.

Article IX.              CHANGE IN BYLAWS

Section 1.

These bylaws may be amended at any meeting by a two‑third vote of those present and voting provided one‑month previous notice has been given to the membership.

Section 2.

These bylaws may be amended at any meeting by a nine‑tenths vote of those present and voting if no previous notice or notice of less than one month has been given the membership.

Article X.               RESOLUTION OF DIFFERENCES

If any provision of these bylaws is in conflict with the CSU‑AAUP or National AAUP constitution, the provisions of the CSU‑AAUP or National AAUP constitution shall prevail.

Rev. 5/14

(link: https://actionnetwork.​org/user_files/user_files/000/​075/628/original/WCSU_bylaws.​docx)