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The Steven C. Ward Community Service Award

The WCSU-AAUP Steven C. Ward Community Service Award is given to an undergraduate student who has an outstanding record of service to the university and/or the community.

The award is made by the WCSU-AAUP Executive Committee in the spring semester.

Criterion for selection: the student must have an outstanding record of service.

To apply, the student must submit a written description (approximately 250 words) of their service activities during the preceding year. The award comes with a gift of $750.

The award is normally bestowed at the honors convocation associated with the winning student’s school.

Steven C. Ward Community Service Award Recipients:

2022: Daisy Gesualdi

2020: William Silvia

2019: Rachel Rossier

2018: Kaitlyn LaBonte

2017: Brennen D. Diaz

2016: Lauren Miller

2015: Jessica Lin

2014: Timothy Chamberlin

2013: Michael Fraser

2012: Lauren O’Neill

2011: Michelle Sciarappa

2010: Adrienne Ostrove

2009: Brittany E. Fignar