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WCSU Professor Wins National AAUP Election

July 10, 2024

New slate wins officer positions at AAUP National, promises to fight more for higher education.

The AAUP National Council has new leadership after the elections held on June 15.

The United Faculty for the Common Good slate won the leadership positions and one open seat on the council. The slate includes:

One of those names might sound familiar. Lumbantobing is an economics professor at WCSU and was president of the WCSU-AAUP chapter and a member of CSU-AAUP's council until her term ended this past May. She has worked at WCSU for nearly 10 years.

CSU-AAUP officers traveled to the AAUP National Convention to place their vote for the new slate. We congratulate Lumbantobing on winning a national leadership position in AAUP.

The United Faculty for the Common Good slate ran on a vision of AAUP as a fighting union; a democratic, transparent, and participatory union that empowers its rank-and-file members to take back control of the campuses and the curriculum. The UFCG slate also swept the elections for new leaders of the AAUP Advocacy Local 6741 of AFT.

"Members across the country are dissatisfied with the lack of urgency from the AAUP National. They are alarmed with the state of higher education and want to see a change in direction from their leadership," Lumbantobing said. "The election results show a clear mandate for the new union leaders to transform the organization to not only respond to the attacks on higher education but go on the offense and advocate for a new vision of higher ed: one in which education is free and universities are fully funded; one in which the principles of shared governance and academic freedom are truly practiced."