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Final Push for Budget Changes

April 25, 2023

Read the latest news from President Williams about the budget - and what you can do to help - below.

Dear colleagues:

By now you may have seen the news. Based on the current legislative budget, the System Office administration is threatening layoffs, program closures and tuition increases . Read about it here, and watch Pres. Cheng's press conference here. Also take a look at my op-ed in the Mirror here.

The best way for us to push back against these threats right now is to work together to persuade the Legislature and the Governor to increase the funding to the System.

Why is this budget so stringent? The statutory “spending cap” limits the funding the Legislature has to spend, despite the fact that CT has accumulated an historic surplus. However, there are ways around this spending cap. We need legislators and the governor to use one of these workarounds.

  1. CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR. We've been told by lobbyists, politicians and strategists that we need members to call their legislators, no matter their party affiliation, and ask them to support House Speaker Ritter and Senate President Looney in their efforts to find additional funding for the CSUs. Let them know what cuts you have already experienced in your position and what further cuts will mean for you and your students. Find your legislator here.
  2. ATTEND THE LOBBY DAY AT THE CAPITOL. Pres. Cheng and CSCU are planning a lobby day this Thursday, April 27 at 10:30 a.m. at the Legislative Office Building (300 Capitol Ave, Hartford). Come join us to talk with legislators about the budget. Wear your red shirts!
  3. RALLY FOR A MORAL BUDGET AND CSU SOCIAL. Recovery for All is holding a rally for a moral budget on Wednesday, May 17 at 6 p.m. at the State Capitol (210 Capitol Ave, Hartford). Register here. CSU-AAUP will meet afterward for an end-of-year social event (location TBD).
  4. SEND A LETTER - EASILY. Send a letter to your legislators in a few simple steps with this tool from Recovery for All.
  5. WRITE AN OP-ED. Convert your passion into an opinion piece for the press. Contact for help drafting and submitting.
  6. GET OTHERS INVOLVED. Ask a friend, family member, colleague or student to take one or more of the steps above. There's power in numbers!

Here are some resources to help you get started:

If you need help getting started, email Madeline St. Amour at

The time is now. We must stand together to defend our universities.

In solidarity,

Louise Williams

President, CSU-AAUP