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CSU-AAUP 2023 Legislative Agenda

February 13, 2023

We have four main areas of interest we are advocating for this legislative session.

CSU-AAUP participates in the legislative session each year and advocates for several types of bills.

  1. Funding: We need more and adequate funding for our institutions. The governor's budget does not do much to help us achieve this. We must advocate for funding that will help us serve our students and provide the supports they need.
  2. Part-Time Faculty Issues: We will advocate for unemployment compensation for part-timers and health insurance for part-timers.
  3. Student Well-Being: We want to expand the PACT program, expand debt forgiveness, address basic needs insecurity, improve our mental health counselors to students ratio, and add more work-study to campuses.
  4. Board of Regents Transparency: We want faculty voting rights on most committees (except personnel and budget), to create more ways for faculty to talk with the board, to mandate financial reports, to create a report on the funding that goes to instruction versus administration, to apply the equity requirements on the state budget to the system's budget, and to increase the amount of time the president and board spend meeting with faculty members.