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2021 Media Coverage

January 1, 2022

Look back at News coverage from 2021.

‘The Board is trying to turn us into robots’: CCSU-AAUP union members, students rally against contract proposals, November 15, 2021, New Britain Herald

Educators, Staff Call For More Funding For Public Higher Education At Rally In New Haven, September 29, 2021, WTNH

Root Out Misogyny In CSCU, September 29, 2021, CT Mirror

More Red Flags About Students First, September 20, 2021, CT Mirror

Martin Looney (opinion): The Ongoing Importance Of Unions For Workers July 16, 2021, New Haven Register

What A Time To Be In Academia July 15, 2021, CT NewsJunkie

Chanting ‘No More Cuts, Tax The Rich,’ Hundreds Of Unionized State Workers Rally At Capitol Ahead Of Contract Fight July 13, 2021, Hartford Courant

State Workers Rally For ‘Hero Pay,’ Telecommuting. Governor Lamont Says ‘We’re Talking’ July 13, 2021, WTNH

Opinion: Board of Regents’ Proposals Undermine Their Own Stated Goals May 29, 2021, CT Mirror

Senate Democrats Vote To Strengthen Hand Of Public Unions May 13, 2021, CT Mirror

Should Two And Four Year Degrees Be Free? May 13, 2021, The New York Times

Alongside 14-foot Inflatable Skunk, CSCU Faculty Say Proposed Contracts ‘Stink’ May 13, 2021, CT Post

Some Universities’ Response To Budget Woes: Make Faculty Teach More Courses April 30, 2021, Washington Post

Some Universities’ Response To Budget Woes: Make Faculty Teach More Courses “Turning the thumbscrews” on professors ultimately hurts students, faculty complain April 30, 2021, Hechinger Report

Students, Professors March For More Money For Higher Ed, April 30, 2021, NBC-CT 

A Pandemic Lesson For CSCU Leaders: Affordable, Accessible Childcare Is Critical, April 22, 2021, CT Mirror

Legislature Sets Its Own Budget Plan And The Stage Is Set For Debate, April 21, 2021, CT Mirror

14-foot Skunk In Tow, Union Says CT Higher Education Contract Proposals ‘Stink”, April 21, 2021, New Haven Register

Governor Lamont Can Negotiate A Bold, Equitable Budget, April 13, 2021, CT Mirror

Professors Protest CSCU Policies, April 6, 2021, The Chronicle

Deep Concern About The Harmful Nature Of The Board Of Regents’ Contract Proposal, March 17, 2021, CT Mirror

Shortchanging Research Is Shortsighted, March 14, 2021, The Hartford Courant 

Big Paychecks For New Community College Administrative Staff Fuel Discord As Regents Prepare To Hire New President, March 13, 2021, The Hartford Courant

The Board Of Regents Changes Must Not Shortchange Its Students Or Faculty, March 4, 2021, CT Mirror

CSCU Faculty Voice Accreditation Concerns In Negotiations With Board Of Regents, February 22, 2021, The Connecticut Examiner

Connecticut Tax Policy Must Adjust To Help Preserve Higher Education Here, February 16, 2021, CT Mirror

Budget Speeches Are Fine, But It’s Time For Gov. Lamont To Get To Work, February 12, 2021, The Hartford Courant

State employee unions tell Gov. Ned Lamont they won’t forego raises to spare the rich from a tax hike, February 11, 2021, The Hartford Courant

CSCU Administrative Budgets Out Of Synch With Educational Priorities Legislators Warn, February 9, 2021, The Connecticut Examiner

Connecticut’s $100 Million Shell Game January 21, 2021 CT Mirror

The New College Days: Reflecting On The First Semester Of The 2020-2021 Academic Year, January 15, 2021, WNPR Where We Live