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Membership Authorization: Yes, I want to join with my fellow employees and become a member of the Connecticut State University – American Association of University Professors (CSU-AAUP).  I hereby request and voluntarily accept membership in the CSU-AAUP and I agree to abide by its Constitution and Bylaws and by the American Association of University Professors’ Constitution and Bylaws. I authorize CSU-AAUP to act as my exclusive representative in collective bargaining over wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment with my employer.

Dues Deduction/Checkoff Authorization: I recognize the need for a strong union and believe everyone represented by our union should pay their fair share to support our union’s activities. I hereby request and voluntarily authorize my employer to deduct from my earnings and to pay over to CSU-AAUP an amount equal to the regular monthly dues uniformly applicable to members of CSU-AAUP. This authorization shall remain in effect and shall continue to be binding unless I revoke it by sending written notice via U.S. mail to both the employer and CSU-AAUP during the period not less than thirty (30) days and not more than forty-five (45) days before the annual anniversary date of this agreement or the date of termination of the applicable contract between the employer and CSU-AAUP, whichever occurs sooner. This authorization shall be automatically renewed as a binding contract from year to year unless I revoke it in writing during the window period, even if I have resigned my membership in CSU-AAUP.