Director of Member Services Job Description

The Director of Member Services assists elected officers of the Connecticut State University AAUP, representing full-time and part-time faculty members and Central Connecticut State University AAUP representing full and part-time faculty, in every useful way to make them more effective. The Director of Member Services is directly responsible to the CSU-AAUP President and the CCSU-AAUP Chapter President.

Office Organization

  • Supervise full and/or part‑time office workers at CCSU-AAUP
  • Purchase office supplies
  • Provide input into the purchase of office equipment
  • Familiarity with all office equipment and software and be able to provide instruction to others
  • Communication with AAUP staff on other campuses

Faculty Affairs

  • Monitor University for contract compliance
  • Assist all committees formed by CSU-AAUP & CCSU-AAUP
  • Plan events (e.g. new faculty reception/dinner, retiree reception) for CSU-AAUP & CCSU-AAUP
  • Recruitment of new members for CSU-AAUP
  • Maintain services for members

Communication With Members

  • Consult with Communication & Research Associate on preparation, design and distribution of CSU-AAUP and CCSU-AAUP Newsletters brochures, flyers, etc. and notices to membership

Communication With CCSU and CSU

  • Correspond as necessary with CCSU and CSU officials on all CCSU-AAUP and CSU-AAUP matters

Contract Maintenance

  • Review letters of agreement
  • Oversee all grievances
  • Meet with faculty to answer contractual questions
  • Answer telephone inquiries on contractual issues
  • Maintain contact with CCSU Chief Personnel Officer
  • Assist in preparation for and attend grievance hearings, Labor Board hearings, meetings with attorney and arbitration hearings
  • Review Department Bylaws for Contract compliance

Assistance to CCSU-AAUP, ECSU-AAUP, SCSU-AAUP, WCSU-AAUP and CSU-AAUP Officers and Council Members  — General

  • Attend CCSU-AAUP Executive Committee meetings
  • Attend CSU-AAUP Council meetings
  • Inform officers of meeting schedules
  • Conduct CCSU-AAUP Executive Committee elections
  • Conduct CSU-AAUP Officer elections
  • Collaborate on contractual interpretations and grievance handling
  • Read materials that come into the office and direct to appropriate officers
  • Maintain contact and provide assistance as needed

Assistance to CCSU-AAUP and CSU-AAUP Presidents

  • Consult with CCSU-AAUP President re: agenda for Executive Committee meetings
  • Consult with CCSU-AAUP President re: agenda for Chapter meetings
  • Consult with CSU-AAUP President re: agenda for CSU-AAUP Council Meetings
  • Maintain constant contact and provide back-up information and documentation
  • Draft correspondence
  • Carry out directives as necessary

Assistance to CCSU-AAUP and CSU-AAUP Secretary

  • Schedule meetings and provide documentation
  • Review Executive Committee meeting minutes
  • Review Chapter meeting minutes
  • Review CSU-AAUP Council meeting minutes
  • Supervise the maintenance of membership records
  • Supervise the maintenance of office files

Assistance to CCSU-AAUP Treasurer

  • Maintain financial records
  • Balance checkbook
  • Prepare financial statements with assistance of Treasurer
  • Prepare proposed budgets with necessary documentation
  • Payment of all chapter bills

Assistance to CCSU-AAUP Grievance & Contract Administration Committee

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date grievance files
  • Prepare grievances in consultation with grievance officers
  • Supervise delivery of grievances and correspondence relevant to grievances
  • Attend hearings, meetings with attorney and arbitration hearings, as necessary
  • Assist Grievance Officers and Contract Administrator with grievance handling and general inquiries

Assistance to Members At Large

  • Provide general assistance
  • Coordinate and attend meetings that may be arranged
  • Maintain Departmental Liaison system
  • Attend meetings with members when required


  • Aid in soliciting member input prior to negotiations
  • Maintain file of member suggestions between contracts
  • Serve on negotiating team
  • Maintain bargaining history and negotiating notes
  • Assist in arbitration process
  • Maintain arbitration notes
  • Conduct ratification votes


  • Attend Chapter, State, Conference and National Meetings (when appropriate and timely)
  • Special projects for National AAUP (organizing, misc.)
  • Communicate with Connecticut State Conference AAUP
  • Communicate with National AAUP