2016 Special Election for CSU-AAUP Vice President Call for Nominations

Message from the CSU-AAUP Nominations/Elections Committee: Russell Gladstone WCSU, Chr.; Theresa Bouley ECSU; Sue Holt, CCSU; Zak Tomczak, SCSU:

September 19, 20126 – Pursuant to the CSU-AAUP Constitution, on June 1, Elena Tapia, Linguistics, ECSU, former CSU-AAUP vice president, assumed the office of president after the resignation of Vijay Nair on May 31, 2016. This left a vacancy in the office of vice president. President Tapia appointed Patricia O’Neill, Psychology, WCSU, as interim vice president, however, since the length of the unexpired term of vice president is more than six months (May 31, 2017), the CSU-AAUP Constitution requires that a special election be held. Therefore, we are soliciting nominations for the office of vice president to serve through May 31, 2017. Click here to see a copy of the nomination form and a description of the CSU-AAUP officer positions.

CSU-AAUP members may nominate themselves or any other member for vice president. Use the attached Nominations form and facsimiles to nominate as many people as you like. Nominees must be CSU-AAUP members. The Nominations/Elections Committee will accept nominations until noon on Monday October 17th. The e-voting will commence on or about November 7th and end at noon on November 21st. On November 21st the ballots will be tabulated automatically. The results will be announced via email and a newsletter announcing the election results will subsequently be distributed.


2015 CSU-AAUP Elections Underway

If you are a voting member of CSU-AAUP, you are eligible to vote in the CSU-AAUP Officer election. The CSU-AAUP election will begin on Monday, March 30 at 6:00am and end on Friday, April 10 at noon. Voting will be conducted via Votenet web-based voting software. The offices of CSU-AAUP President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are open for election. You must be a CSU-AAUP member in order to vote. All non-members were sent a letter and given an opportunity to change their membership status before the close of voter registration on Monday, March 2nd.

To vote, members should:

You can call the AAUP office to obtain the number.

We strongly encourage all members to vote. If you have any questions or problems logging in, please contact your local Chapter AAUP Office or the CSU-AAUP office at (860) 832-3790.



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