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Friday September 19th 2014

Political Endorsements 2012

CSU-AAUP encourages our members to vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The CSU-AAUP Political Committee sent out questionnaires to all candidates. The responses helped guide the Committee’s endorsements. Please view the list of endorsed candidates below and click on the individual’s name to see their responses to our questionnaire (not all individuals returned questionnaires but were endorsed for previous and continued support of our issues).


District Party Candidate Name
1 Democratic John W. Fonfara
2 Democratic Eric D. Coleman
3 Democratic Gary D. LeBeau
4 Democratic Steve Cassano
5 Democratic Beth Bye
6 Democratic Terry Gerratana
7 Democratic Karen Jarmoc
10 Democratic Toni N. Harp
11 Democratic Martin M. Looney
12 Democratic Edward Meyer
16 Democratic John “Corky” Mazurek
17 Democratic Joe Crisco
19 Democratic Catherine A. Osten
20 Democratic Andrea L. Stillman
23 Democratic Andres Ayala, Jr.
26 Republican Toni Boucher
27 Democratic Carlo Leone
29 Democratic Donald E. Williams
32 Democratic James C. Gambardella
33 Democratic James Crawford
34 Democratic Steve Fontana
35 Republican Tony Guglielmo
1 Democratic Matthew D. Ritter
3 Democratic Minnie Gonzalez
4 Democratic Angel Arce
7 Democratic Douglas McCrory
8 Democratic John Murphy
9 Democratic Jason Rojas
10 Democratic Henry J. Genja
12 Democratic Geoff Luxenberg
15 Democratic David A. Baram
18 Democratic Andrew M. Fleischmann
19 Democratic Brian Becker
20 Democratic Joe Verrengia
21 Democratic Mike Demicco
25 Democratic Robert “Bobby” Sanchez
26 Democratic Peter A. Tercyak
27 Democratic Sandy Nafis
28 Democratic Russell A. Morin
30 Democratic Joe Aresimowicz
36 Democratic Philip J. Miller
41 Democratic Elissa Wright
38 Democratic Elizabeth B. Ritter
42 Democratic Timothy R. Bowles
44 Democratic Mae Flexer
45 Democratic Steven Mikutel
48 Democratic Linda A. Orange
49 Democratic Susan Johnson
54 Democratic Gregory Haddad
56 Democratic Claire L. Janowski
57 Democratic Jason E. Bowsza
59 Democratic David William Kiner
61 Democratic Elaine O’Brien
64 Democratic Roberta B. Willis
65 Democratic Michelle L. Cook
67 Republican Cecilia Buck-Taylor
72 Democratic Larry B. Butler
73 Democratic Jeffrey J. Berger
81 Democratic David Zoni
83 Democratic Catherine Abercrombie
84 Democratic Hilda E. Santiago
85 Democratic Mary Mushinsky
88 Democratic Brendan Sharkey
89 Democratic Vickie Orsini Nardello
90 Democratic Mary G. Fritz
92 Democratic Patricia A. Dillon
93 Democratic Toni Edmonds Walker
94 Democratic Gary Holder-Winfield
95 Democratic Juan Candelaria
96 Democratic Roland J. Lemar
97 Democratic Robert W. Megna
99 Democratic James M. Albis
109 Democratic David Arconti, Jr.
110 Democratic Bob Godfrey
112 Democratic Robert S. Dumbroski
115 Democratic Stephen D. Dargan
116 Democratic Louis P. Esposito, Jr.
117 Democratic Paul Davis
118 Democratic Kim Rose
120 Democratic Terry Masters
121 Democratic Terry Backer
124 Democratic Charles “Don” Clemons, Jr.
126 Democratic Charlie L. Stallworth
127 Democratic John “Jack” Hennessy
128 Democratic Christina M. Ayala
129 Democratic Auden Grogins
130 Democratic Ezequiel Santiago
136 Democratic Jonathan Steinberg
137 Democratic Chris Perone
139 Democratic Kevin Ryan
140 Democratic Bruce V. Morris
145 Democratic Patricia Billie Miller
146 Democratic Gerald Fox, III
150 Democratic Stephanie R. Paulmeno
151 Democratic David A. Rafferty

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