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Wednesday August 27th 2014

Officers & Council

OFFICERS (13-15)

President Vijay Nair, WCSU Library, 837-9116,

Vice Pres. Elena Tapia, ECSU English, 465-5078,

Secretary Rebecca Wood, CCSU Psychological Science, 832-3106,

Treasurer Harlan Shakun, CCSU Accounting, 832-3234,



Stephen Adair, Sociology, 832-2979,

Anthony Beatman, Accounting, 832-3220,

William Fothergill, Counseling & Wellness, 832-1639, 

Susan Holt, Psychology, 832-3116,

Dave Johnson, Geography, 832-2841,

Mary Ann Mahony (Chapter President), History, 832-0119,

John O’Connor, Sociology, 832-2975,

Paul Petterson, Political Science, 832-2969,

Jesse Turner, Reading & Language Arts, 832-2178,

Louise Williams, History, 832-2806,


Theresa Bouley, Education, 860-465-0069,

Luis Cordon (Chapter President), Psychology, 465-5289,

Elizabeth Cowles, Biology, 465-4385,

Anne Dawson, Visual Arts, 860-465-5117,

William Lugo, Sociology, 465-0163,

David Stoloff (Alt.), Education, 860-465-5501,


Kevin Buterbaugh, Political Science, 392-5662,

Sean Grace (Alt.), Biology, 392-6216,

John Kavanagh,  Mathematics, 392-5585,

Julian Madison,  History, 392-5604,

Doris Marino, School Health, 392-6922,

Virginia Metaxas, History, 392-5607,

Mike Shea, English, 392-6741,

Cynthia Stretch, English, 392-5525,

Stephen (Zak) Tomczak, Social Work, 392-6560,

Christine Unson, Public Health, 392-7029,


Jay Brower, Communication, 837-8833, 

Russell Gladstone,  Library, 837-9102,

Truman Keys, Communication, 837-3234,

Patricia O’Neill (Chapter President),  Psychology, 837-9383, o’



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