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Sunday February 1st 2015

Health Enhancement Plan (HEP)

The Health Enhancement Program (HEP), approved by the CSU-AAUP members as part of the SEBAC 2011 Agreement, is designed to make sure people have the information they need to make decisions that can improve their health ‐‐ decisions that can save their lives. It will save money for the state and for state employees, who pay about 14% of the state’s healthcare costs through their premium shares, by focusing on healthcare prevention.

The Comptroller’s Office has compiled a Q&A on the Health Enhancement Program (HEP), which can be accessed here.

For those of you who are seeking more information about the HEP, please see the following video Q&As distributed by SEBAC during the voting process:

Healthcare Highlights

Health Enhancement Program (HEP)
HEP and Plan Choice

HEP Screening

HEP Confidentiality

Choice of Physicians

Chronic Illnesses

Quality Care and Treatment

Cancer Care

Mail-In Prescriptions

Family Members on HEP

HEP and Spouses/Children

HEP and Insurance Companies

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