A Message From CSU-AAUP President On The Hartford HealthCare, Anthem Impasse

NEW BRITAIN – Like many other union sisters and brothers, CSU-AAUP members and retirees have been caught up in a power struggle between Anthem and Hartford HealthCare.

On November 3, the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition sent a letter to HHC CEO Elliott Joseph urging HHC to stop using its patients – and our members – as pawns in a power grab to rake in even more profits and gain even more market share in the healthcare arena at the expense of patients and their families. This is just the latest in coordinated efforts with our labor partners to end the weeks-long impasse.

Click here to read a statement from CSU-AAUP on the deadlock.

Hartford HealthCare’s failure to accept a temporary solution that would have enabled patients to receive critical medical treatment at in-network rates has burdened not only our members, but other patients from across Connecticut. While SEBAC leaders specifically spoke as the representatives for over 40,000 state employees, our coalition is advocating for all those affected by this stalemate.

If you have faced hardship since this impasse began on October 1, we’d like to hear from you. CSU-AAUP’s advocacy is more effective when we can cite examples of delayed treatment or procedures, lack of access to physicians or specialists, and higher out-out-network rates.

Click here to share the impact of the HHC/Anthem dispute on you or your family.

On a positive note, pressure is mounting from all sides to encourage HHC and Anthem to come to an agreement so that its patients can access the affordable care they need and deserve. After SEBAC sent its letter to Hartford HealthCare, other large companies in Connecticut joined the call for an end to HHC’s patient care mess. Consumer groups also have joined SEBAC in calling for the health care giant to put patients first and solve this impasse.

An article in the November 12 Hartford Courant calls attention to how patients from across Connecticut are delaying doctor appointments and forgoing important medical care as they remain caught in the battle between Anthem and Hartford HealthCare.

The Hartford Courant editorial board weighed in on this impasse, calling on Governor Malloy to intervene. Meanwhile, Governor Malloy’s office expressed increasing concern and said that a resolution should be found immediately.

On November 13 Anthem proposed mediation, but by November 15 Hartford HealthCare refused.

Throughout this health care debacle, CSU-AAUP remains a staunch supporter of your benefits and health care. Rest assured, we and our allies in the labor movement are doing all possible to find a solution that will benefit you and your families.

In solidarity,


Elena Tapia
CSU-AAUP President
ECSU, English/Linguistics

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