Legislative alert: Funding for additional full-time faculty positions

Dear CSU-AAUP Member,

The consolidation of the governing boards of CSU and the Community Colleges was offered as a means to identify savings, which would be redirected into the classrooms. The Board of Regents identified over $5 million in savings from the consolidation that was earmarked to hire 47 new full-time faculty, but the positions were withdrawn when the BOR learned of the Governor’s rescission in November 2012. The Higher Education Subcommittee to the Appropriations Committee recognizes the need for more full-time faculty and has generously recommended that funding be added to the state budget for these hires, but we need your assistance in making sure this funding makes it into budget recommended by the Appropriations Committee.

Please contact members of the Appropriations Committee today and urge them to accept the Higher Education Subcommittee’s recommendation to fund 47 new full-time faculty positions at ConnSCU in 2014 and 57 in 2015. (Please note that these 47/57 positions will be spread over the 17 institutions that make up the ConnSCU System). These additional full-time faculty positions are urgently needed. Part-time faculty are an integral part of CSUS, but the lack of growth in full-time faculty over the last ten years has created systemic problems for higher education in areas such as student advising, assessment, curriculum development and university governance. In addition, more full-time faculty are needed to improve graduate and retention rates.

Please call or e-mail the members of the Appropriations Committee today and tell them approved funding for full time faculty at ConnSCU will:

  • Lower student/faculty ratios;
  • Improve graduation rates by being able to provide required courses for majors in a timely manner; and,
  • Increase the number of lower division courses taught by full-time faculty.

Below is the contact information for the Committee and we urge you to e-mail them today. Please take a few minutes out of your day to let legislators know that increasing full-time faculty is vital to the health of the Connecticut State University System and will improve the educational experience of our students – THE STUDENTS WHO ARE CONNECTICUT’S FUTURE.


Members of the Appropriations Committee

Minnie Gonzalez Minnie.Gonzalez@cga.ct.gov
Edwin Vargas Edwin.Vargas@cga.ct.gov
Douglas McCrory Douglas.McCrory@cga.ct.gov
Henry Genga henry.genga@cga.ct.gov
Timothy LeGeyt Tim.LeGeyt@housegop.ct.gov
Andrew Fleischmann Andrew.Fleischmann@cga.ct.gov
Marilyn Giuliano Marilyn.Giuliano@housegop.ct.gov
Peter Tercyak Peter.Tercyak@cga.ct.gov
Melissa Ziobron Melissa.Ziobron@housegop.ct.gov
Elizabeth Ritter Elizabeth.Ritter@cga.ct.gov
Ernest Hewett Ernest.Hewett@cga.ct.gov
Diana Urban Diana.Urban@cga.ct.gov
Mae Flexer Mae.Flexer@cga.ct.gov
Linda Orange Linda.Orange@cga.ct.gov
Bryan Hurlburt Bryan.Hurlburt@cga.ct.gov
Gregory Haddad Gregory.Haddad@cga.ct.gov
David Kiner David.Kiner@cga.ct.gov
Elaine O’Brien Elaine.OBrien@cga.ct.gov
Jay Case Jay.Case@housegop.ct.gov
Roberta Willis Roberta.Willis@cga.ct.gov
Craig Miner Craig.Miner@housegop.ct.gov
Arthur O’Neill Arthur.ONeill@housegop.ct.gov
Victor Cuevas Victor.Cuevas@cga.ct.gov
Matthew Lesser Matthew.Lesser@cga.ct.go v
Noreen Kokoruda Noreen.Kokoruda@housegop.ct.gov
Al Adinolfi al.adinolfi@housegop.ct.gov
Mitch Bolinsky Mitch.Bolinsky@housegop.ct.gov
Charles Clemons Charles.D.Clemons@cga.ct.gov
Kevin Ryan Kevin.Ryan@cga.ct.gov
Joan Hartley Hartley@senatedems.ct.gov
Joe Markley Joe.Markley@cga.ct.gov
Andrew Maynard Maynard@senatedems.ct.gov
Clark Chapin Clark.Chapin@cga.ct.gov
Robert Kane Rob.Kane@cga.ct.gov
Whit Betts whit.betts@housegop.ct.gov
Frank Nicastro Frank.Nicastro@cga.ct.gov
Robert Sampson rob.sampson@housegop.ct.gov
Catherine Abercrombie Catherine.Abercrombie@cga.ct.gov
Patricia Dillon Patricia.Dillon@cga.ct.gov
Toni Walker Toni.Walker@cga.ct.gov
Gary Holder-Winfield Gary.Holder-Winfield@cga.ct.gov
Juan Candelaria Juan.Candelaria@cga.ct.gov
Jason Perillo jason.perillo@housegop.ct.gov
Themis Klarides Themis.Klarides@housegop.ct.gov
Christina “Tita” Ayala Christina.Ayala@cga.ct.gov
Ezequiel Santiago Ezequiel.Santiago@cga.ct.gov
Terrie Wood Terrie.Wood@housegop.ct.gov
Gail Lavielle gail.lavielle@housegop.ct.gov
Patricia Billie Miller Patricia.Miller@cga.ct.gov
Beth Bye Bye@senatedems.ct.gov
Terry Gerratana Gerratana@senatedems.ct.gov
Toni Harp Harp@senatedems.ct.gov
Kevin Kelly Kevin.Kelly@cga.ct.gov
Bob Duff Duff@senatedems.ct.gov



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